Truer Stories
Truer Story: FACE Yogurt is not actually Face

Up until today, when I read this article, I thought that I was eating a yogurt by the name of “FACE.”  I disappointingly found out a few minutes ago that this yogurt goes by the name of “FAGE”.  I am currently in a state of shock and am not to be disturbed at this time. Truer Story.

Truer Story: It’s been a while, but MY have I got a good one…

Yesterday the school where I work had our annual picnic in the neighborhood park.  I was in charge of running a craft booth (“Craft” is in my blood after all), so I sat right next to the face painting booth.  All day long I had Spiderman, kitty cats, tigers, and princesses greeting me with great enthusiasm.  But the best moment had to be when a 4 year old Hulk approached me and asked who painted my face.  No one had painted my face.  I asked in curiosity what type of paint he thought I was wearing and he replied, “All of that white stuff.”  Now, I’m a very pale girl and I own it, but this comment hit a new level. 

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Truer Story:Once I played that game where you put your iPod on shuffle and you let the songs be the answers to a bunch of questions…well, this song came up as the song that I would dance to at my “wedding.”  It’s probably the right answer too…

Truer Story: Older but still Crafty

Last week I threw myself a birthday party.  Yeah, I still do that kind of thing.  I decided to make some cupcakes for the occasion and definitely wanted to blow out 32 candles, so I went ahead and purchased a box of those too.  There were several kinds to choose from, so naturally I selected the ones labeled as “Magic”…not really considering what magic might mean, but in my opinion, magic is always a good thing.  After the lighting ceremony, I went to blow out the candles and…low and behold, the candles all re-lit themselves.  Nice.  I bought myself “magic” trick candles…I guess there’s some magic in that.

Photo by Sam.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Eno.  Yes, the rumors are true.  I accidentally bought us trick birthday candles for our cupcakes last night.  To my credit, the box said “magic” and I’m a sucker for things that say “magic.”

With Love,

Truer Stories

Happy Birthday, DB. 


Truer Stories

Truer Story: In lieu of DB and I’s birthdays…I thought I’d remind everybody that we’re on a road to nowhere.

Truer Story: If I was a dvd, I’d look…

…like this.

Truer Story: Wanted for Life.

Truer Story: Truer morals were never spoken

North Carolinians who voted for Amendment One, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Keep fighting, friends.


Truer Stories